Hannah Wood

Department: Creative Writing
Discipline: English

Project Summary

The creation of a multiplatform digital-born work of fiction that exploits the narrative possibilities available in a networked electronic medium: text, audio, video, image, hyperlink, animation, graphic design, interactivity, collaboration and live performance.

The process of experimentation with digital narrative and delivery mechanisms will form a dialogue with the history of electronic literature and provide a means to investigate the commercial potential of digital publishing models and understand how literary value can be generated in a digital culture.

One of my central concerns is how to maintain narrative grip over multiple platforms and explore the ways narrative changes when you introduce player/reader agency.

Supervisory Team

Sam North, author of novels including Booker-longlisted The Unnumbered (2004), The Velvet Rooms (2006) and The Old Country (2007). Sam has worked in the film industry and as a literary agent.

Professor Philip Hensher, author of novels including Booker-shortlisted The Northern Clemency (2008), Pleasured (1998) and The Fit (2004). Philip writes a column for The Independent and is a renowned critic.

Wider Research Interests

All forms of digital publishing, such as blogs, social networks, journalism, apps.

The intersection of electronic literature and digital art.

The impact of new technologies on cognitive behaviour.

Means of improving the readability and appeal of digital-born texts.

Fiction, crime, film and multiplatform writing.

Experimental traditions in literature.

The Internet and World Wide Web.

The economics of the Web.

Web programming, design and development.

Game narrative


Transmedia productions