Ihsan Mejdi

Discipline: Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Middle East Politics C-MEP

Project Summary

My doctoral project is an anthropological examination of the local politics of revolutionary Tunisia. I am interested in understanding the ways in which marginalized communities in southern Tunisia make sense of the state during times of political transition.

My research includes the following themes; revolution, state, time, transition/democracy, kinship.

Supervisory Team

Ross Porter

Claire Beaugrand

Authored Publications/Reports

Ihsan Mejdi and Habib Haj Salem (2018) (Ar, Eng) Revolution, Politics of Fun, and Post-Islamism. Interview with Asef Bayat, Masalik, 6-9

Ihsan Mejdi and Celeste Koppe (2022) Leading with locally produced knowledge: development in Jemna, Tunisia, Handbook on Participatory Action Research and Community Development, 381–395

Ihsan Mejdi and Zeba Khan (2019) Secular-Religious Tension in Tunisia Since 2011, Islamic Movements in the Middle East: Ideologies, Practices and Political Participation, 143-167