Kristian Jared Robinson

Department: Film Studies
Discipline: Film Studies

Project Summary

My current thesis is titled "Studio Greeblie: Self Reflexivity, Self Scrutiny and Authorship in Hollywood Fantasy and Science Fiction Films." In it, I investigate how special effects artists between 1975 and 1989 changed the production labour infrastructure from a single-author hiearchy into a more collaborative style working environment. 

Supervisory Team

For this project I am pleased and honoured to be working with Dr. James Lyons, Dr. Linda Ruth Williams and Dr. Fiona Handyside acting in the role as pastoral tutor. 

Wider Research Interests

My wider research interests include, graphic novel studies, education theory and pop culture fandom. In 2017, I completed my Master's thesis, "For Those of You Just Swinging In: Intertextuality, Allusion and Adaptation in the Indiana Jones Series." 

Other interests: The history of puppetry, including the filmmaking of Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds), Jim Henson (Labyrinth), and Ray Harryhausen (Clash of the Titans).