Jess Isden

Discipline: Psychology
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Research in Animal Behaviour

Supervisory Team

Dr. Joah Madden

Authored Publications/Reports

Madden J., Isden J. & Dingle C. (May 2011) Commentary on review by Boogert et al.: some problems facing females, Behavioral Ecology, 22 (3), 461-462

Madden J., Dingle C., Isden J., Sparfeld J., Goldizen, A. & Endler, J. (24th April 2012) Male spotted bowerbirds propagate fruit for use in their sexual display, Current Biology, 22 (8), 264-265

Isden J., Panayi C., Dingle C., Madden J. (August 2013) Performance in cognitive and problem-solving tasks in male spotted bowerbirds does not correlate with mating success, Animal Behaviour, 86 (4), 829-838