Julius Guthrie

Discipline: Classics and Ancient History

Supervisory Team

Senior supervisor: Lynette Mitchell; secondary supervisor: Emma Nicholson



Wider Research Interests

My wider research interests include:

  •  Greek political theory, particularly the development of tyranny and elite rulership in the 5th century. Additionally, I am interested in the role of philia in dictating Greek political relationships. 
  •  Network theory in the Greek world. 
  •  Historiography, especially the Greek presentation of Achaemenid Persia and of autocratic poleis/states.
  •  Hellenistic kingship. 


Authored Publications/Reports

Guthrie, J. (4th November 2019) The Charismatic Emperors: Weberian authority in Julio-Claudian Rome and the fall of Nero, Ex-Historia, v11, 1-28

Guthrie, J. (1st December 2020) Philia Networks in the Macedonian Court and the Long Accession of Alexander the Great, Karanos, v3

Ernst, Nicola. Guthrie, Julius and Littell, Josh. (10th February 2021) Pegasus Flies Onwards, CUCD Bulletin, 52