Julius Guthrie

13th September 2021 to 10th December 2021

HIH 1400 - Making History

This module will provide you, for whom History is a principal part of your degree programme, with some of the essential practical and intellectual tools for the study of the subject. Rather than asking 'What is History?' in the abstract, the module will introduce you to the working practices and concepts expected of a history student in all aspects of their degree work.

1st January 2021 to 1st April 2021

CLA1358 and CLA2358 Building Communities in Archaic Greece

After the collapse of the Mycenean civilisation, the peoples of the Aegean had to reform and rebuild their society and community. This module provides an introduction to the communities that developed around the Aegean in the period from the 10th to 6th centuries BC, and will address key issues of development of culture, political institutions, and law to fit the needs of this new society. It is also concerned with the different kinds of communities that developed, and institutional, constitutional and practical responses to crises.

23rd September 2020 to 13th December 2020

Ancient Sources (Written Evidence) Tyranny CLA2301

This module will explore the ways in which autocratic power was understood and discussed by different Greek authors and their successors, and the challenges involved in trying to reconstruct the historical reality and significance of tyranny.

1st January 2020 to 1st April 2020

CLA2410 - Reading women in Ancient Literature

This module explores women's roles as writers, characters and readers of ancient literature, i.e. writing, written as well as reading women. What do we know about ancient women writers and their works - or female readers in antiquity? Is there a space for a female voice in the domain of ancient literature? Is it possible to unearth female subjectivities in ancient texts?

I also marked papers in this module.