Kamila Janik, MSc, BCBA

1st April 2013 to present

Selected Conference Presentations & Workshops

Janik, K. (2018). Planning for Success: Inclusive Education and Autism.Presented at the GREAT Conference, April 25, 2018, Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl, Doha, Qatar.


Janik, K. (2008). Autism & Feeding: Clinician’s Perspective.Presented at The Gut, The Brain Research Seminar, March 21, 2018, Weill Cornell Medicine- Qatar, The Premedical Education Division, Education City, Doha, Qatar.


Janik, K. (2018). Autism Intervention.Presented at the Qatar Airways Autism Awareness Symposium, April 28, 2018, Qatar Airways Headquarters, Doha, Qatar.


Janik, K. (2018). Baby’s Milestones: The First Year. Presented at the Babies, Pregnancy & Parenting Conference, March 10, 2018, Wyndham Hotel, Doha, Qatar.


Janik, K. (2017). Multidisciplinary Services within the ABA Paradigm.Presented at 1st Qatar Biomedical Research Institute Autism Symposium, May 1st 2017, Qatar National Convention Center, Doha, Qatar.


Janik, K. (2017). Applied Behavior Analysis: Myths and Trends.Presented at 3rd Annual Autism Outreach and Training Symposium, February 25th 2017, Qatar National Convention Center, Doha, Qatar.


Janik, K. & McCarthy, N. (2015). Reducing problem behavior among typically- developed adolescents in residential settings using behaviour contracts.Presented at the 9thAnnual Conference of the Division of Behavioural Analysis, April 19th 2015, Salthill, Galway.


Janik, K.& McCarthy, N. (2015). The application of graduated exposure and differential reinforcement in reducing fear of a fire alarm in an adolescent with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Presented at the 9th Annual Conference of the Division of Behavioural Analysis, April 19th 2015, Salthill, Galway.


Janik, K., Hallahan, B., Morrison, J., & Leader, G. (2014). A retrospective fetal ultrasound study of brain size in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders compared to their unaffected siblings and healthy controls. Presented at International Conference for Autism (INCA), 14th- 16th November 2014, Antalya, Turkey.


Janik, K. & McCarthy, N. (2014). Children in care – the role of behaviour analysis.Presented at the 8th Annual Conference of the Division of Behaviour Analysis, April 5th 2014, Athlone, Ireland.


Janik, K. & Murray, C. (2013). Increasing Appropriate Classroom Behaviour Using Group Reinforcement Contingencies.Presented at Division of Behaviour Annual Conference, 27th April 2013, Galway Bay Hotel, Salthill, Galway.