Kamila Janik, MSc, BCBA



Specific Skill Deficit Training (Florida Institute of Technology, January 2019)


Teaching Listener Behavior to Children with Developmental Disabilities(Florida Institute of Technology, January 2019)


Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) Introductory Workshop(UC Davis, LA, USA, January 2018)


CITY Training for Investigators and Staff Involved Primarily in Biomedical Research with Human Subjects(Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, April 2017)


The Role of Joint Control in Teaching Complex Behavior to Children with Autism Dr. Vincent Carbone, February 2017, Doha, Qatar)


Teaching Language to Children with Autism and Related Developmental Disorders(Dr. Vincent Carbone, Dubai, UAE, November 2016)


Severe Problem Behavior (Special Learning, February 2016)


Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI)(Positive Care Ireland, 2009-2015)


Teaching and Learning(NUI Galway, September 2014 - March 2015)


Supervisor Training: Components of Effective, Evidence- based Behavior Analytic Supervision(The Institute for Behavioral Training, January 2015)


QBS Safety Care (Trainer’s Course), Florida, USA (September 2015)


Evidence- Based Intervention when Dealing with Self-Injurious Behaviour(INCA, Antalya, Turkey, November 2014)


Selecting Function-Based Treatments for Socially Maintained Problem Behaviour(INCA, Antalya, Turkey, November 2014)


Introduction to Ethical and Professional Conduct of Behaviour Analysts(Florida Institute of Technology, 2014)


Asperger’s Syndrome- The Diagnostic Process(Psychological Society of Ireland, 2013) 


Effective Supervision(Training & Selection Services Ltd., 2011)