Kanwal Tareq Hameed Abdulhameed

Kanwal Tareq Hameed


ARA3200 Gender, Sexuality and Violence in Palestine/Israel

This course is run by Dr. Katie Natanel, description from ARA3200 course homepage:

'This module takes a critical approach to the study of ‘conflict’ in Palestine/Israel by focusing on the relationship between gender and political violence in the region. We will first problematise the dominant frames of ‘conflict’ and ‘occupation’, looking instead to the model of settler colonialism as a gendered and sexualised practice. We will then explore key themes including nationalism, space, embodiment, everyday life, feminism, queer politics and resistance, which illustrate how gender relations are central to violence in Palestine/Israel. Through engaging with gender as a political and analytical category you will investigate the range of mechanisms that sustain political violence, as well as how individuals and communities practise resistance and imagination.'