Kate Massey-Chase

Department: Drama/Humanities
Discipline: Drama
Research Centre/Unit: Performance, Science, Community

Project Summary

My research seeks to enquire how my applied theatre practice could support young people in the transition between Child & Adolescent and Adult Mental Health Services. It takes a mixed method approach and sits within an autoethnographic and practice-based framework. Applied thematic analysis of primary data from those with lived experience of the transition between services is guiding the project design. It aims to provide a unique contribution to the literature on arts and health, and attend to the lackof research on theatre in this field.  

Supervisory Team

Prof. Jane Milling: https://humanities.exeter.ac.uk/drama/staff/milling/ 

Dr. Teresa Murjas: https://www.reading.ac.uk/ftt/about/staff/t-s-murjas.aspx 

Authored Publications/Reports

Massey-Chase, Kate (December 2017) In Practice: Applied Theatre in Adolescent Mental Health Transition Care, Perspectives in Public Health, 138:1, 16-17