Katherine Deeks BSc (Hons), MSc

Effective Researcher Development Programme

17th November 2011:

Publishing your research in journals

The aim of this workshop was to:

- ensure the appropriate journal is chosen for publishing a particular paper
- understand ‘Impact Factor’ and how this should influence the publishing route
- create a structure for a paper that is based around the need of the reader
- write more efficiently
- edit and submit with confidence

22nd February 2011:

A Doctor as soon as possible: managing a successful PhD project

This workshop aimed to help:
- understand the basics of the project planning process and provide a set of checklists and guidelines to be used immediately on the PhD project;
- appreciate the fundamental principles of a well-led and well directed project, such as identifying and scheduling tasks, activities, milestones and understanding and managing stakeholders;
- be aware of the critical factors that will influence whether the PhD project will be successful or not, including identifying and managing risks;
- understand how to influence key groups and avoid being ‘sucked into’ the project.
- articulate common project management principles and practices.

13th January 2011:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE Part 1)

This was a one day training course, with the opportunity to explore the knowledge, understanding, skills and values needed to enable students to learn effectively in a modern higher eduaction environment. The course also enabled 'practise' teaching an aspect of a subject in a short micro-teaching activity, and gain valuable and constructive feedback from peers.

13th December 2010:

Tackling a PhD Literature Review

This session aimed to help:
- understand the purpose and scope of a literature review and how it relates to the research question
- know the criteria of a successful literature review
- learn to choose an appropriate structure for the review
- search and judge relevance of source material efficiently
- know strengths and weaknesses of various types of sources
- read and take notes with a defined purpose
- feel confident when outlining and writing up the review.

24th November 2010:

Is research value neutral?

The aim of this workshop was to:
- identify ethical issues and dilemmas relating to ‘sustainability’ related research
- recognise and articulate personal values systems
- recognise contrasting value systems in relation to ‘sustainability’ related research
- identify and select relevant research methodologies and processes
- contextualise research taking on board issues relating to epistemology and ontology
- select appropriate processes.

10th November 2010:

An introduction to Endnote bibliographic referencing

The aim of this workshop was to introduce the Endnote bibliographic referencing system and to teach the basic mechanisms of the software.

7th October 2010:

SmartStart: A PhD Introduction

The aim of this introductory course was to:
- better understand the nature of the PhD
- consider the purposes, forms and processes of the PhD at the University of Exeter
- begin to explore key issues in the management of both the project and of the relationship with supervisors
- address practical issues relating to thesis production and to the upgrading process from MPhil to PhD
- consider ways in which the student can regularly plan and review their own development needs
- start to develop relevant team, time and project management skills
- gain an awareness of where to go for further help and guidance.

Professional Meetings

28th February 2011:

Royal Society discussion meeting on: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture

This two day discussion meeting focused on the issue of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture in relation to the Climate Change Act (2008) which commits the UK to 80% statutory greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2050 across all sectors of the economy.  Agriculture is responsible for around 7.4% of total UK emissions.  The combination of increasing future food production required by a growing population, while reducing agricultural emissions and adapting to climate change presents a unique scientific challenge.  The objective of the meeting was to explore this predicament.


3rd November 2011:

Future of Food and Farming, Royal Cornwall Showground

A one-day conference looking at the practical applications of carbon-reducing practices on farms in the South West. 

19th July 2011:

BSSS Annual Meeting, RGS, London

Soils and Ecosystem Services:  the challenges for science, management and policy

23rd March 2011:

BSSS Post-graduate Conference, University of York

A two-day conference aimed at recent post-graduates to present and discuss their research on soils.