Katie Wood



College: College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Discipline: Psychology
Department: Psychology
Research Centre/Unit: Mood Disorders Centre

Katie is a Postdoctoral Research Associate working on the Wellcome Trust funded project "Understanding the mechanisms driving the reduction of repetitive negative thought". This project seeks to delineate the causal mechanisms that underpin reductions in repetitive negative thought (worry and rumination). Additionally, this project aims to outline the active ingredients in Rumination-focused cognitive behavioural therapy (RF-CBT) that effectively manipulate these mechanisms, thereby reducing repetitive negative thought.

Katie previously worked in the Children and Young People’s mental Health (ChYMe) research collaboration in the University of Exeter Medical school. Previous research projects include the ADaPT trial, a cross-sector pilot implementation of trauma-focused CBT for care-experienced young people with posttraumatic stress disorder, and the Stand Together trial, which evaluated the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of KiVa (a Finnish school based anti-bullying programme) to reduce bullying in primary schools.

Katie’s PhD explored habitual verses goal-directed behaviour. This involved developing novel approaches to measuring habits using simple computer-based tasks. Prior to her PhD, Katie completed an MSc in Psychological Research Methods.

Research keywords: Rumination, Worry, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Habits, Goals