Lauren Smith



I graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2008 with BA (Hons) Geography. During my undergraduate degree, I studied a range of both human and physical geography with particular interest in developing countries. My undergraduate dissertation was titled 'Traditional vs. Modern health care systems on Kaledupa, Indonesia', where I spent two months in Indonesia carrying out a range of human geography methods to find out the reasons and spatial differences for health care choices in four different villages across the island of Kaledupa. This research was edited by my undergraduate supervisor and myself, and in 2009 was published in the Journal of Health Management. Following my undergraduate degree, I gained a position on a graduate training scheme at Royal Haskoning as a transport planner. I worked there for two years before pursuing my interest in the Geographies of Health field. I am funded jointly by ESRC and NERC to study the potential impacts of climate change on human health in Amazonia.