Lee McCallum


March 2019:


Predicting grade scores in a corpus of first year compositions: Multi-level student and individual rater interactions

March 2019:

TESOL International Convention

Sophisticated lexical collocation use in a first year composition programme.

June 2018:


The relationship between phraseology and writing quality: Implications for the assessment of English as a Lingua Franca

December 2016:

CLaSiC, National University of Singapore

Demystifying language assessment

April 2016:

International ELT Conference (Oman)

Wearing many hats when teaching writing

March 2016:

King Saud University COLT Symposium

Using Corpus Tools to Address Vocabulary Difficulties: How Data Driven Learning Can Enhance Your Classroom: This brief presentation provided an insight into tackling student errors by presenting and exploring corpus data together in the classroom.

March 2016:

TESOL Arabia

Authorial presence: evidence from Saudi university students. 

February 2016:

Undergraduate Research Forum in Saudi Arabia

How to Write a Research Paper: This interactive session was given to undergraduate students who had completed a small scale research study at universities in different cities across Riyadh and wanted to publish it in the research forum's conference proceedings.

September 2015:

International Language Assessment Conference Egypt

My Work In Progress session discussed my thesis idea of linking corpora evidence and the CEFR bandscales together.  After presenting my idea and potential methodology, members of the audience were invited to ask questions and give suggestions on the planned research.