Lory Wong



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: English
Department: Literature
Research Centre/Unit: World and Postcolonial Cultures Research Group

I am a Research Postgraduate Student at the University of Exeter. I completed my undergraduate and master’s degrees at King’s College London in Literature and Language.

My research looks at historical and cultural representations of the 1894 plague in Hong Kong and its role in the development of western medicine. My research also looks at the potential counternarratives to the traditional historiography relating to this area.  

My research interests include medical humanities, Hong Kong studies, history, and culture. I have general interests in psychology, education, and current affairs. I also greatly value creative and interdisciplinary thinking.


  • Society for Hong Kong Studies 2022 Annual Conference (June 24, 2022) - Part of the panel 'Historical Narratives and Knowledge Production', and I presented my paper: 'Bringing historiographic metafiction into the classroom: Examining the ways Shih Shuqing’s City of the Queen questions the centrality of colonialist narratives of the 1894 plague.'
  • Postgraduate Journal of Medical Humanities (2022)- Journal article, ' Questioning historical representations of western science and rationality and re-interpreting the development of western medicine in Shih Shuqing’s City of The Queen: A Novel on Postcolonial Hong Kong.'