Louise Tilbury

Professional Meetings

15th January 2018:

Breakfast with FRC

Meeting of 25 Thought Leaders with FRC, consulting on gender in the  new Combined Code for Corporate Governance 

28th November 2017:

FRC Commissioning meeting

Meeting with FRC to discuss commissioning of monitoring research on gender and ethnicity in FTSE companies annual reports.


27th November 2017:

BAM Leadership Writing Workshop

Day long workshop in London to review writing for publication.

9th November 2017:

Hampton Alexander Review Launch

Attending launch of HA review and alongside Female FTSE report and Board Evaluation study.

5th September 2017:

BAM Conference

Attendance at BAM, including GIMSIG Annual Meeting and dinner.

4th September 2017:

BAM Doctoral Symposium

Attendance at BAM Doctoral Symposium, including a research conversation on my PhD methodology with Prof Sue Vinnicombe.

Research Centre Meeting

22nd November 2017:

Leadership Brown Bag Lunch

Presentation on PhD Research Methodology. Defended case study approach.