Malcolm Richards


July 2022:

Annual Conference, Association for Moral Education

Presentation and panel discussion entitled “Reason for the reasoning? RastafarI and examining ethics for decolonizing relationships in dialogues within decolonial projects across a university in Southwest England”.

15th June 2022:

6th ESTIDIA conference : University of Alicante

Presentation submitted and accepted by ESTIDA Review committee, to be held at University of Alicante on 15-17 June 2022.

Title: Three the Hard Way? Towards an ethics of care for decolonizing relationships for dialogues within decolonial projects across an university in the Southwest of England.


1st April 2022:

Graduate School of Education Annual Conference

Presentation submitted and accepted by Graduate School of Education Review committee, delivered at University of Exeter (UK) on 1 April 2022.

Title: I found my emotional ally! BIPOC Teacher Trainee Mentoring with BIPOC Mentors for ITE and ECT teachers in the Southwest of England

22nd November 2021:

Freedom In the City Festival 2021: Dreadlocks and the school system

Title: Dreadlocks and the school system

Chaired by Rob Mitchell and Prof. Shawn Sobers 

Presentation and panelist.


29th October 2021:

Sensing the planet: A Black Atlantic symposium

Presented at facilitated sessions exploring antiracist cultural strategies through key themes of ‘Futurism as Organising/Organising as Futurism’.


8th October 2021:

Freedom In The City: Researching RastafarI in Academia

Title: Close proximity to the words of the Dread: Black educators, dialogue and teacher education and development for the 21st century. 

Chaired by Dr Shawn Sobers and Professor Robbie Shilliam

Presentation and panelist.




September 2021:

BERA Annual Conference 2021: Cultural Community Mentoring Project

Presentation, video and Q & A as part of Teaching Education Special Interest Group: BERA Annual Conference 2021. Online. Link: 




22nd July 2021:

Another Education is Possible Conference, National Education Union and Cuba Solidarity Campaign

Presentation and talk as part of panel discussion on  “Observations of Black histories, transformations and Communities in Cuba’s education system” based upon essays in Chapter 3: Beyond the Blockade: Education in Cuba".

3rd July 2021:

WomenEd Celebrating being 10% braver: Advocating for others

Being 10% Braver. Presentation, essay and Q & A. Online. Link: 

30th April 2021:

Decolonisation as Democratisation: Global Insights into the South African Experience: UK Book launch

Collaborative event with University of Exeter (UK) and University of Regina (Canada), and hosted in partnership with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), Creativity and Emergent Educational-futures Network (CEEN), and Race Ethnicity and Education Network (REEN) 

Host and facilitator UK book launch of Decolonisation as Democratisation: Global Insights into the South African Experience by Siseko, H. Kumalo. Includes panel discussions with Professor Heidi Safia Mirza (discussant), Fatmakhanu (fatima) Pirbhai-Illich & Fran Martin (chapter contributors). and Abraham Olive (chapter contributor).

For more information on the book, please click here:

2nd March 2021:

Babylon Must Fall? Decolonzing relationships in teacher education, funds of knowledge and dialogic teaching in UK schools

Presentation and panelist. Higher Education and Social Inequality Research Group, University of Durham (UK)

8th February 2021:

Imposing Racial Discourses: Racism in Britain Today.

Presentation and panelist. Social Scientists Against The Hostile Environment, University College London.

April 2019:

Anticipating Black Futures Symposium, Birmingham City University

Presentation and panel discussion based upon peer-reviewed paper “Ending Our Myopia: Deconstructing race and racial inequality within teaching thinking resources used in English secondary schools”.

Graduate School Skills Workshops

1st October 2020:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) Level 3

Self directed learning to build on the principles of LTHE level 2 course, leading to Associate Fellow/Advance HE.

1st March 2020:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) Level 2

A six week course looking in depth at learning, teaching, student support, assessment and evaluation. Covering teaching methods, planning, assessment, marking and feedback, teaching and evaluating practise and future professional development.


Cultural Competence

An extended six month training course on application of Cultural Competence framework as part of a collaboration between University of Exeter (UK) and Georgetown University (US).

Professional Meetings

30th November 2021:

Surviving Society Podcast: EP140: Black education, Englishness and Devon

Podcast in-conversation with Dr Chantelle Lewis and Tissot Regis. In this episode, we mainly use the teachings of Paul Gilroy, Stuart Hall and bell hooks to discuss Malcolm's life as a graduate of the supplementary school movement (Hackney) to his present-day as a scholar-activist in Devon.

Link: E140 Malcolm Richards: Black education, Englishness ... › user-622675754 › e140-malc...

21st July 2021:

Decolonizing Education: Experiences of Black Governors within the Education System

Video podcast hosted by Dr Muna Abdi, with Helen Stanton, Paulette Watson, and others. In conversation, sharing experiences of being a Black schools governor across different school contexts in England and Wales.


2nd April 2020:

Decolonizing Education: Decolonising Teaching and Learning in Schools

Video podcast hosted by Dr Muna Abdi, with Naheeda Maharasingam and Fred Oxby. In conversation, sharing experiences in doing decolonising work within different school contexts.