Dr Maria Gloria Polimeno

Department: College of Social and International Studies
Discipline: Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies
Research Centre/Unit: IAIS Middle East Politics/Political Science

Project Summary


Maria Gloria's doctorate was entitled 'Variation in the Regime: The Struggle for internal political legitimacy in  Egypt, 2013-2019' (examined by Dr Rory McCarthy-Durham University, and Prof Ilan Pappe- University of Exeter) looked at the dynamics of internal political legitimacy in Egypt after the military coup that in 2013 ousted Mohammed Morsi putting an end to the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP’s rule,  replaced by Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. The importance of the research was inscribed into the political infrastructural change Egypt and the Middle East underwent between 2013 and 2019.  The work re-engaged with a renewed interest in authoritarian transformation and contributed to the scholarship on Egyptian politics and Middle East Politics more broadly. Fieldworks have been generously funded by the University of Exeter. 

Current research activity 


Maria Gloria is currently working on transforming the doctorate into a book.

Postdoc research

Her new research project looks at Egypt and Tunisia through the Socio-Economic Developmentalist Agendas. 

She is additionally working on a smaller project which explores the intersection of State Violence with Security and Legitimacy in Egypt.  

Authored Publications/Reports

Polimeno, M.G (2018) Review:The New Middle East: Protests and Revolution in the Arab World, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 45:2 Routledge London, p.223-243

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Polimeno, M.G (2015) Book Chapter (invited) Fury and Soldiery of Non-God: ISIS’s Psycho-Structural Dysfunctions and the Future of Counter-Terrorism’, in Regional Integration and National Disintegration in the Post-Arab Spring Middle East ed. Imad El Anis and Natasha Underhill, Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Polimeno, M.G (2015) The 2014 Egyptian Constitution: Balancing Leadership with civil rights (alwataniyya), Electronic Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, University of Zurich, Vol. 2 issue 1, 1-67

Polimeno, M.G (2018) Review:The Peacebuilding Puzzle: Political Order in Post-Conflict States’ , Democratisation , 25:1

Polimeno, M.G (25th January 2021) ’Ten years of Arab Uprisings and EU’s Politics of Neglect, Media-Outlets: The Loop , European Consortium for Political Research, https://theloop.ecpr.eu/the-arab-spring-ten-years-on-the-eu-must-change-its-policy-of-neglect/

Polimeno, M.G (April 2021) Report on citizenship law : Libya, GLOBALCIT Observatory, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, 2021/10, 1-17

Polimeno, M.G (April 2021) Review: The Roots of Revolts: Egypt Political Economy from Nasser to Mubarak, Democratisation, 16(1)