Martin Gentile

17th February 2014 to 28th March 2014

PHY1029: Astronomy Laboratory

I was involved in demonstrating in the first-year astrophysics lab for a term. I was responsible for marking and grading lab reports as well as assisting with MatLab, Octave and LaTeX issues. I was also on hand to reinforce astrophysical concepts taught earlier in the academic year.

27th September 2013 to present

PHY1025/1026: First Year Mathematics

I have been involved with first-year maths problems classes over this period, marking and grading homework as well as re-enforcing learning from lectures in the problems classes by assigning in-class problems.

28th September 2012 to present

PHY2021, PHY2022, PHY2023 and PHY2024: Second year problems

I currently work as a demonstrator in the physics second-year problems class. Over the course of the year, I work in 22 sessions, putting in 40 hours of demonstrating and 40 hours of marking for:

PHY2021: Electromagnetism

PHY2022: Quantum Mechanics

PHY2023: Thermal Physics

PHY2024: Condensed Matter Physics