Mathilde Pavis

Mathilde Pavis

Project Summary

My doctoral research investigates our legal understanding of performances and performers creativity. Drawing on the cultural assumption that performers are lesser artists, Intellectual Property Laws (authors' rights/copyright, performers' rights) provide them with limited rights and protection for their work. As artists using their body to perform someone else's work, performers are seen as less creative, and therefore, not as worthy of authorship as true authors. My thesis will investigate the impact on the law of such cultural beliefs and assumptions the conception of performances, authorship, creativity and the body.  It compares the legal framework of France and the United Kingdom. 

Supervisory Team

My research is supervised by Professor Charlotte Waelde, Chair in Intellectual Property.

Wider Research Interests

I am interested in interdisciplinary collaboration in relation to Law, Culture and especially practices involving new art forms or narratives. I am currently working with Helena Enrights on the legal protection available to verbatim theatre makers. 


I am also interested in comparative company law and corporate governance. I recently won the Interleges Award 2014 for my essay debating shareholderism and stakeholderism. (Essay title: "True shareholderism is stakeholderist".