Matthew Knight



College: College of Humanities

I began studying Bronze Age metalwork as part of my undergraduate dissertation in 2012 at the University of Exeter. Following this, I started working with Professor Susan Pearce (Leicester) and Theresa Ormrod on updating Pearce's (1983) corpus of Bronze Age metalwork in South-West England. This involved visiting museums across Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset, and in the process I developed keen skills for identifying Bronze Age metalwork. This study has recently been published as a BAR volume.

In 2014, I achieved a distinction in MA Archaeology, again at the University of Exeter, having concentrated on a variety of aspects linked with Bronze Age metalworking across southern Britain.

My current research is an AHRC-funded project looking at the intentional destruction of Bronze Age metalwork in South-West England. I am co-supervised by Professor Anthony Harding (Exeter) and Dr. Joanna Bruck (Bristol). There is the intention to conduct experimental work as part of this study and to link it with significant theoretical concepts, such as agency and phenomenology.

See some of my published research on Academia or follow me and my ongoing research via Twitter or my Blog Site.