Matthew Philpott MPhys(Hons) AMIntsP


Telephone: (01392) 724142  

I obtained a first class masters degree in Physics with Astrophysics in 2009 from the University of Exeter and went on to become a PhD student in the university's Biomedical Physics group.  My undergraduate studies gave me a broad understanding of Physics from which to work, including modules on relativity, thermodynamics, cosmology, and electromagnetism.  Over the course of these studies, my problem solving abilities were improved and I attended modules that gave me an understanding of both using MATLAB and programming in the C language.  For my MPhys project, I looked at finding the parameters (mass, radius, etc) of a number of stars that are in binary systems and compared them to the existing models of stellar evolution.  Over the course of this project, my programming skills were further developed, this time in using the IDL language.  My PhD project at Exeter is investigating touch in a virtual environment by using a tactile display to simulate surfaces of various fabrics.  After completion of my PhD, I intend to continue my career in research.