Michael Alan (Mike) Cooper


8th September 2021:

'Re-Writing War and Peace in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries: Contemporary British and American Literature', Universita Autonoma de Barcelona (on-line conference)

Paper: 'Two Kinds of "War", One Common Risk: Charles Causley's Poem Immunity Speaks of Fate and Perceived Risks During "Pandemics"'

12th July 2021:

'Contagion: Spread the Word', Queen Mary University, London (on-line conference)

Paper: ‘Charles Causley's Immunity: A War Poet's Reflection on Contagions and Cures'

6th December 2014:

'Charles Causley: Influence and Legacy', University of Falmouth (Penryn Campus)

Paper: ‘"A spatter of scarlet poppies": Causley and the Great War’