Nada Khreisheh



College: College of Humanities
Discipline: Archaeology
Department: Archaeology

I gained my BA in Archaeology from the University of Exeter, graduating in 2007. My BA dissertation focussed on lithic debitage analysis based on comparison with an experimentally created reference collection. I continued to pursue my interest of stone tool technologies and experimental archaeology by undertaking an MA in Experimental Archaeology at the University of Exeter, graduating in 2009. Throughout my MA studies I focussed on expanding my knowledge of flintknapping, taking part in projects that involved the experimental replication of stone tools and the heat treatment of flintknapping materials. My MA dissertation looked at the use of copper and antler pressure flaking tools in the manufacture of Neolithic and Early Bronze Age projectile points. These projects allowed me to expand my flintknapping ability and increased my understanding of skill aquisition in prehistoric crafts.


My Phd is part of a Leverhulme funded collaborative research project - "The Learning to Be Human Project", led by Professor Bruce Bradley. Building on my experience of flintknapping, it involves the study of skill aquisition in a group of experimental flintknappers as they learn to replicate early stone technologies.