Nancy Littlefield

Discipline: Archaeology

Project Summary

My research entails exploring the technological and interpretive potential of small and large waste flakes from Clovis workshop industries at the Gault Site in Texas, U.S.  The focus of this research is to collect data on strike platform remnants which can reveal a great deal about technical behaviors of Clovis flintknappers.  This is not a wholly unique way of studying biface industries, however, much of what we know about Clovis technology comes primarily from the study of kill/camp sites where Clovis spear points are found in association with extinct Pleistocene faunal remains.  Focused research of flaked stone tool debris is worthy of time spent and can help archaeologists fill information gaps into any stone tool technology.  This is especially true since there is a minimum of effort given to the study of debitage, but is  understandable since these artefacts are often found in massive abundance.  However, it is because of this abundance that they are rarely carried away by collectors or looters and therefore are a consistent source of technological data.

Supervisory Team

Prof. Bruce A. Bradley

Dr. Linda Hurcombe

Authored Publications/Reports