Prof Nazrul Islam

Discipline: Management

Project Summary

Research themes:

  • Innovation System for Micro and Nano-scale Technologies: The study seeks to understand the development and diffusion of micro and nano-scale technologies (MNTs) into the manufacturing sector and to find the gap of linkages among actors. The innovation systems framework guides this research, and directs the study to look at the changing role of knowledge and technology transfer in adapting to the emerging potentially altered (radical) manufacturing landscape.
  • Understanding the Organisational Capabilities and Challenges: To some extent MNTs could be seen as a means by which firms can strive to ensure economic sustainability and competitiveness in the decade ahead. This research examines the organisational capabilities and challenges face by firms to deploy MNTs and the role of government in structuring the business environment firms participate in fabricating structures at the nano-scale; products using nano-particles or more complex systems such as lab-on chips devices.
  • Mechanism of the Emerging Technology Adoption: Using patent database and tech mining software, this research carries out automating mining and clustering of technology terms occurring in patent descriptors. The use of specialist computer software helps to statistically and textually analyses patents, mapping and clustering of key technologies, visualising collaborative linkages among firms. The aim is to formulate the mechanism of technology knowledge creation, collaborations, and its deployment to industry sectors.
  • Big Data Analytics: This research aims to examine the life cycle of Big Data (e.g. data collection, cleaning, classification, modelling, and delivery) and to evaluate the effectiveness of Big Data Analytics in healthcare sector to prevent an epidemics. The goal of this study will be to provide a framework for data migration to cloud-centric application.

The prospective PhD students are welcomed to apply in any areas of innovation, technology and IT management, operations and supply chain management.

Wider Research Interests

Research interests

  • Innovation and Technology Management
  • Emerging and Disruptive Innovation Systems (Nanotechnology, Hydrogen Energy, Biotechnology)
  • Tech Mining and Bibliometrics
  • R&D Collaborations and Technology Competencies
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Big Data Management