Nele Achten

Discipline: School of Law
Research Centre/Unit: Exeter Centre for International Law

Project Summary

Part I of my PhD project studies the applicability and scope of the states' due diligence obligation in cyberspace. It further examines the international human rights obligation to protect against harmful cyber activities. The hypthesis is that existing international law is not sufficient to maintain a "safe a secure cyberspace" in the future. In Part II of my thesis, I am thus developing a new normative framework to maintain a "safe and secure cyberspace" and protect it as a "common good".

Supervisory Team

Professor Michael Schmitt (supervisor)

Dr Kubo Mačák (co-supervisor)

Wider Research Interests

  • Public International Law and Security
  • International Human Rights Related to Cyberactivities
  • Domestic Regulations on Cybersecurity
  • International Cooperation in Criminal Matters

Authored Publications/Reports

Nele Achten (2nd October 2018) Germany’s Position on International Law in Cyberspace,