Oghenerounah Eghweree

Eghweree Oghenerounah Charles



I am a focused and dedicated person with unusual knack for excellence. Born on the 14th of March, 1982 to the family of Late Chief Christopher Erhuvwusah Eghweree and Mrs B. Eghweree of Otefe village, in Ethiope West L.G.A of Delta State, Nigeria. I had my primary school education in Eyerekpokpor Primary School, Otefe-Oghara from 1986-1992. My Secondary school education was at Ogharefe Secondary School, Oghara Junction (Edjemuoyanvwe), Oghara, 1992-1998. I acquired General Certificate of Education of the West African Examination Council in 2000 to complete the English language deficiency in my otherwise impressive performance at the Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination conducted by the West African Examination Council in 1998.

I proceeded to University of Benin, Nigeria same year 2000 to pursue a two years diploma degree in Banking and Finance of that institution. This I successfully completed with flying colours in 2002. I then proceeded to enrol for B.Sc. Political Science and Public Administration at the same University of Benin between 2002-2006, graduating as the best student of the 2005/2006 Political Science Department graduating class, winning awards in the process. This outstanding academic performance was to be rewarded later with the offer of a place in the University as a Graduate Assistant in 2008. This happened immediately after my mandatory National Youth Service (NYSC) at Kumuria Secondary School, Bunkure L.G.A of present day Kano State Nigeria, as I was offered a place as a Graduate Assistant at the Department of Political Science, University of Benin, 2008. This was in line with the University’s policy of retaining and bringing their willing best brains into academics. I accepted the offer of place and resumed duty on the 17th of March, 2008 and became an Assistant Lecturer in 2010 till date. I am presently on training leave at the University of Benin to enable me carry out my PhD research studies at the University of Exeter, UK till 2016.

In pursuit of academic excellence, I proceeded to the University of Ibadan to pursue a masters' degree in International Relations in 2008 with huge financial and moral support from Chief Duncan Ewhere. This was after my attempt to do same at the University of Cardiff, UK failed that same year. My M.Sc. programme ended gloriously in 2010 with CGPA of 64.2%, way above PhD grade. This prompted me to seek and obtain PhD admission into University of Exeter, UK in 2011. I finally resumed studies for my PhD degree at the Department of Politics, University of Exeter, on the 9th January, 2012, for the 2011/2012 academic session.

My research interest has been on International Political Economy of Development. This much is reflected in my research themes from my diploma degree up to the M.Sc. and even now. In 2002 during my research project for the diploma degree, I sought to know the "The contribution of Commercial Banks to National Development". This was quite revealing as it enabled me to ascertain the contribution of commercial banks to national development. At the B.Sc. level, I considered " Debt overhang and the burden of Development: The Nigerian Experience, 1999-2005" while that of the M.Sc. saw me x-raying "Globalization, Multinational Corporations and Development in Nigeria”. At each point, the topics so x-rayed, helped explain the possible causes of the development woes that plagues and continue to plague the Nigerian state. The same quest, saw me presently looking at “Oil, Politics and Development in Nigeria" at the PhD level. This is with a view to explaining why oil wealth has so far, failed to find appreciable expression in the development quest of Nigeria. In all these, the central theme, has been development and how same can be achieved for Nigeria.

I am single but set to marry as soon as possible. I am a Christian with a lot of respect for things of the spirit. I place premium on the time tested African moral values. I am the last child of the family of nine, lost my father and two siblings before I attained the age of accountability. I am affiliated to the American Political Science Association and Nigerian Institute of Management. I love tennis, debating current international issues, travelling, photography and counselling apart from reading.