Pankhuri Singh

Department: Deapartment of English and Film Studies
Discipline: English
Research Centre/Unit: Adaptation of Shakespeare's Plays in Indian Cinema

Project Summary

Adaptation of Shakespeare's plays in Indian Cinema.

My thesis argues for and aims to bring to light the methods employed by Vishal Bhardwaj in adapting William Shakespeare’s plays in Bombay cinema. It will draw on the plays of Macbeth, Othello, and Hamlet, which were adapted in Maqbool (2004), Omkara (2006) and Haider (2014) respectively. The methodological approaches being used involve close reading of source texts and watching films based on them. I will also take the Transcultural Adaption Theory and the Theory of Indigenisation into account, as the overall focus of my thesis is determining how Shakespeare has been recontextualised in the Indian setting. The thesis aims to offer a nuanced understanding of the various approaches undertaken by Bhardwaj to translocate the Shakespearean play in the Indian setting.


Supervisory Team


Professor Pascale Aebischer

Dr Ranita Chatterjee

Wider Research Interests

Transcultural Adaptations

Adaptation theories

Cinema and Literature

Rethinking Shakespeare