Patrick Weir

Department: Geography
Discipline: Geography

Project Summary

My PhD project concerns popular geopolitics and representations of space and place in BBC Radio foreign affairs programming. Through a mixed-media approach to the archive, bringing together existing recordings and archived scripts I aim to contribute to an understanding of how one of Britain's most recognised media actor constructs distant spaces, identities and conflicts on an everyday level The project draws on historical and cultural theories involving the history of journalism and travel writing and the imperial knowledges in which they are embedded.  In addition to this, recent advances in Science studies and network ontologies will be used to argue for radio particular within the history of technology as central to an understanding imperial strategies of representation not only in the early 20th Century, but through to the present. 

Supervisory Team

My supervisors are Dr Sean Carter and Dr John Wylie

Wider Research Interests

In addition to my PhD I maintain an active research interest in; Inter-disciplinary junctures between Critical International Relations, Geography and Spatial Theories, Popular geopolitics and strategies of resistance (particularly documentary film-making and conceptual art), Journalism, Witnessing and Trauma theory. I am a member of the Spatial Responsibilities research group within the Geography department and I have assisted in teaching on the Political Geographies and Field Trip undergraduate modules.

Authored Publications/Reports

Patrick Weir (24th April 2013) Book Review: The Least of All Possible Evils: Humanitarian Violence from Arendt to Gaza, Space and Polity, 17/2, 254-255

Patrick Weir (28th June 2013) Book Review: Time in The Shadows: Confinement in Counterinsurgencies, Critical Studies on Terrorism, 6/1, 3-4

Patrick Weir (16th December 2014) Radio Geopolitics, Geography Compass, Vol. 8, Issue 12, 849-859