Paul Morgan



Following a successful three years as an Undergraduate at the University of Exeter, Paul decided to continue his studies at Exeter University and take the next step to an MSc. During his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, he specialised in exercise physiology in which he developed extensive academic background within various aspects of sport science and applied use of performance monitoring/testing equipment, specifically for aerobic testing using cycle ergometry and in football. Throughout the past 4-5 years, Paul has obtained extensive applied knowledge in exercise physiology, performance testing, strength & conditioning and nutrition through various external qualifications and applied work at Exeter City football club in which he leads the academy’s strength & conditioning program alongside Adam Kelly who is also completing his exercise psychology PhD at Exeter and leads the sport science department. Paul’s work primarily focuses on the under 18’s.

Approaching the end of his Master’s degree, Paul was offered a role as a Sport Scientist in the first team within Brighton and Hove Albion football club. However, he reluctantly declined the role, deciding that completing a PhD. whilst extending his experience at Exeter City football club and knowledge on a PhD. program would optimise his employability opportunities. Paul was successful in applying for an MPhil/PhD. position at Exeter, potentially extending his time at Exeter University to nearly 10 years. Alongside his degree, Paul will also be taking on a role within the Residence Life Team which offers support to new and existing students and plans to continue his role within the CLES department to support the laboratory technician team.

As a result of gaining a vast amount of experience in strength & conditioning and elite performance development over recent years, Paul’s interest surrounding the key factors in developing performance across a whole range of sports is extensive. Paul’s research will be primarily based on exercise physiology where he will be supervised primarily by Dr. Stephen Bailey but also Dr. Anni Vanhatalo of which both are experts in exercise physiology. Whist studying towards a PhD, Paul hopes to continue his professional development by completing his BASES accreditation and working towards his UEFA B license. He is also currently undergoing the process of UKSCA accreditation. Aside from research and teaching, Paul enjoys participating in a number of different sports, riding his road bikes (when the sun is out) and exercising in the gym. Paul is a student member of BASES, ACSM and UKSCA as well as a member of the FA licensed coaches association and is keen to develop his professional working relationships with other academics in these groups and the wider scientific community.

Throughout his research program, Paul hopes to continue to work alongside KBT education and Exeter City football club to apply his research to a practical sporting environment. Both Postgraduate & Undergraduate students and other academics and external professionals are welcome to approach Paul via email regarding research opportunities surrounding his PhD topic.


BSc Sport and Exercise Science (University of Exeter)
MSc Sport & Health Sciences (University of Exeter)
Strength & Conditioning Level 3 (KBT)
Personal Trainer Level 3 (YMCA)
Nutrition Level 2 (KBT)