Philip Johnstone

Department: Life and Environmental Science

Project Summary

Nuclear power, emergent publics, and democratic transformation in the UK

Supervisory Team

Professor Mark Goodwin and Dr Nick Gill.

Authored Publications/Reports

Johnstone, P () planning reform, rescaling, and the construction of the post-political: the case of the planning act 2008 and nuclear power consultation in the UK, Environment and Planning C, Forthcoming

Johnstone, P. (2010) 'The nuclear power renaissance in the UK: democratic deficiencies within the 'consensus' on sustainability', Human Geography, 3, (2), 91-104

Gill, N. Johnstone, P. Williams, A. (2012) Towards a Geography of tolerance: post-politics and political forms of toleration, Political Geography, 8/31, 509-518

Johnstone, P. (2012) Book Review: 'Political Matter: technoscience, democracy, and public life. Edited by Bruce Braun and Sarah Whatmore., Space and Polity, 16/2, 254-255