Rebecca Wyatt

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University of Bristol

PhD: "Developing novel reagents for characterising the B-cell autoimmune response in Type 1 Diabetes"


University of Exeter

BSc: Biological & Medicinal Chemistry


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July 1 2018 - present:

University of Exeter

Research Associate (July 2018-August 2020): Funded by a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) strategic research agreement: “Phenotype and specificity of the islet inflammation in Type 1 diabetes” 

This project aimed to address the role that B-lymphocytes play in promoting the inflammatory response in Type 1 diabetes, using a unique collection of preserved pancreas material from patients with the disease.

Research Associate (August 2020-Present): I perform bioinformatics-based human genetic research to gain insights into the pathogenesis and development of autoimmune diabetes

November 1 2017 - June 30 2018:

University of Bristol

Research Associate: Funded by a JDRF strategic research agreement: “Optimization and multiplexing of high performance luciferase-based immunoprecipitation system (LIPS) assays for Type 1 diabetes”.

This project aimed to replace traditional radioisotope-based methods of measuring markers of Type 1 diabetes with non-radioactive immunoassays, designed to reduce costs and improving the predictive value of these tests.


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British Society for Immunology

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Diabetes UK

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