Rowena Cockett

September 2016 to July 2017

HIH1410: Understanding the Medieval and Early Modern Worlds

A first year undergraduate History module aimed at introducing students to some of the key concepts and ideas necessary for understanding the Medieval and Early Modern periods. Amongst some of the key topics were ideas about social order, understandings of medicine and science, religious ideologies, the rise of trade and urban centres, government formation and state-building, and medieval warfare. 

February 2016 to April 2016

Marlborough College Assignment

A short-term teaching assignment that involved putting together revision booklets for 6th form students on three different medieval topics: the Hundred Years War, the Great Schism and Conciliarism, and Jan Hus and the Hussites. It also involved spending a full day at the College leading revision workshops on these three topics with a group of 6th form students in preparation for their upcoming exams.