Sam Hayes


22nd July 2015:


Paper Presented

'Faces Without Names: The Unknown Audience in Martial's Epigrams'

In this paper I discussed the presentation of a general readership in Martial and Pliny. The full abstract can be found here. I am expecting to publish this paper in the conference volume.

6th September 2014:

AMPAL 2014: Failure

Paper Presented

'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Failing to Read Martial's Epigrams.'

In this paper I presented some research into the concept of failed and ideal readers in Martial's Epigrams. Read the abstract here.

28th April 2014:

College of Humanities PGR Conference

Paper Presented

"Carmina sine fine? Textual Boundaries and Approaches to Reading Martial's Epigrams."


In this paper I presented some of my research into the programmatic Domitian poems of book 7 of the Epigrams, exploring their interpoetic boundaries and how a sequential reading affects them and the later poems in Martial's collection.

December 2013:


I helped with the day-to-day administration of the Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in the Reception of the Ancient World (AMPRAW), hosted at the University of Exeter.

I also chaired two panels, one entitled "Tragedy, Transgression and Sexuality" and the other "Novels, Authors and Adaptation" which gave me a wonderful opportunity to interact with my peers in similar fields.

November 2013:

Stoicism for Everyday Life

I helped run the information desk at this event at the end of the University of Exeter's Stoic Week as part of the ongoing Stoicism Today project. I helped to organise flyers and room allocations, and dealt with the questions of those attending.

September 2013:

Greek Literary Epigram

I attended the conference at UCL on Greek Literary Epigram as a conference delegate to broaden my horizons and get a more thorough understanding of the cultural background of epigram as a whole.

July 2013:

On The Psyche: Studies in Literature, Health and Psychology

I helped to run the ground level administration for this conference, ensuring that delegates knew where they were going and that everything was running smoothly.

Graduate School Skills Workshops

7th May 2014:

Doing it in Public: Public Engagement Workshop

5th February 2014:


I am currently enrolled on the second stage course of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. This course consists of six three-hour sessions and concerns itself with methods of teaching, learning, and assessment.

At the end of this course I carried out an assessment which counted towards 30 credits of my Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PCAP) and gained the title of Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA).

3rd January 2014:

Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) Stage 1

Initial HE teacher training course covering what is expected of Postgraduate Teaching Assistants and providing basic training for classroom situations, 'e-learning', and general advice for teaching at university level.