Samuel Odewunmi

Samuel Odewunmi  B.Sc. Economics (LASU) M.Sc. Economics and Econometrics (EXON)

Department: Economics
Research Centre/Unit: Exeter Climate Systems

Project Summary

In broad terms, the research project focuses on the 'Economic impact of climate change in Africa'. In specifics, the research intends to uncover the effect of climate variability and infectious diseases in Africa. Here, the negative effects of climate variability on economic growth would be compared against the negative effects of diseases on growth with a view to making practical policy recommendations to the selected African countries.  Also, attention will be paid to the impact of climate change on agricultural production in Africa with a view to ascertaining the magnitude of impact and devising policy frameworks (adaptation/mitigation) for agricultural practises in the selected African countries. Lastly, the research shall examine the theoretical nexus between environmental Kuznets curve (EKC) and resource curse hypothesis in Africa. The research shall culminate with practical policy recommendations to the International Environmental Agencies and governments of African countries on climate change and economic growth.

Supervisory Team

Main Supervisor: Professor Michael Finus Co-Supervisor: Dr. Carlos Cortinhas

Wider Research Interests

Economics of Sustainable Development  Agricultural Economics   Applied Econometrics Growth and Development Climate Change

Authored Publications/Reports

Samuel Femi Samson (25th September 2009) "The Effects of Government Economic Policies on Agriculture in Nigeria", An unpublished Masters Dissertation Submitted to University of Exeter Business School