Samuel Odewunmi

Samuel Odewunmi  B.Sc. Economics (LASU) M.Sc. Economics and Econometrics (EXON)

PhD Course in Policy Instruments For Environmental and Climate Economics

26th March 2012:

Taught by Professor Thomas Sterner & Dr. Jessica Coria

The five-week course gives an overview of what economic policies are needed for pollution and natural resource management in developing and developed countries.

Venue: Department of Economics, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Kingdom of Sweden

Graduate Summer School in Economics

28th March 2011:

Overlapping Regulation in Energy and Climate Policy with GAMS and MPSGE

A-week long workshop that covered the following topics:

  • Introduction to GAMS and General Equilibrium Modeling
  • Partial Equilibrium Analysis of Energy and Climate Policies
  • Overlapping Regulation in Energy and Climate Policies
  • General Equilibrium Analysis with MPSGE
  • General Equilibrium Analysis of Enegy Policies
  • General Equilibrium Analysisof Climate Policies with GTAP data

The workshop sessions were anchored by Professor Dr. Christoph Bohringer and Professor Dr. Volker Claussen in University of Duisburg-Essen, Federal Republic of Germany. 

Graduate School Skills Workshops

31st October 2011:

Applied Economic Modelling of Environmental Issues using GAMS

The workshop focuses on the applied analysis of the relationship between environmental issues and economic activity. The course covers various techniques:

*Linear Optimisation

*Partial Equilibrium



*Neo-Classical growth modelling

using computer modelling-GAMS. The workshop session was coordinator by Kelly De Bruin,

Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics (CERE),

University of Umea,

Kingdom of Sweden.

12th March 2011:

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE I and II)

Stage 1 of the programme focuses on general teaching ethics in Higher Education.Topics covered on Stage 2 of the programme include:

  • Principles of learning
  • Planning to teach
  • Teaching methods
  • Supporting diverse students
  • Assessment of students' learning
  • Evaluation of teaching practise 

24th February 2011:

Going Global: Presenting an Academic Conference Paper

A workshop designed to equip PhD Researchers with the requite knowledge and skills of effective presentation.


13th April 2011:

Environmental Protection and Sustainability Forum

A 3-day Forum organised by the University of Exeter Business School to facilitate top level knowledge exchange and discussions on climate change and global warming with over one hundred delegates in attendance from 20 different countries. The conference was graced with 12 world-class keynote speakers among whom are:

  • Samuel Fankhauser, Principal Research Fellow, London School of Economics
  • John Hirst, CEO Met Office and
  • Professor Peter Cox, Met Office Chair in Climate System Dynamics