Sarah-Jayne Ainsworth

Graduate School Skills Workshops

14th February 2018:

Publishing your work in journals

Also participated as part of the expert panel, answering questions about my experience of establishing and publishing a journal.

27th June 2017:

Editing Training

8th December 2016:

Editing and Publishing careers

25th October 2016:


11th October 2016:

Where your doctorate can lead you

June 2016:


Achieved the ASPIRE fellowship

External training session

30th January 2018:

Engaging with the Early Modern

A two day course which looked at public engagement for early modernists and included working with creatives from art, music and writing to explore avenues for communicating and exploring research from the early modern period.


27th November 2017:

Ex-Historia seminar

The humble petition of Arundell Penruddock

10th July 2017:

Reading Early Modern Conference

The humble petition of Arundell Penruddock

14th June 2017:

CEMS Conference

Women dying well, in diaries, sermons and wills.

12th June 2017:

PGR Conference

The spiritual Identity of Lucy Reynell

6th April 2017:

Borderlines Conference

Elizabeth Joscelin's maternal authority

June 2016:

Bath Spa Life Writing conference

Arundell Penruddock's life in Petitions

May 2016:

CEMS conference

Cavendish and Brackley's A Pastoral

April 2016:

PGR Conference

The Trosse family of Exeter