Sergio Sorcia Reyes

Department: Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology
Discipline: Sociology and Philosophy

Project Summary

My research is a qualitative study of the multiple ways that young people use and appropriate narcocorridos music in public spaces in Mexico.

For this research, I have used a multi-method approach including interviews, ethnographic observations, and my adaptation of productive methods as songwriting workshops. This method is a key component of my project and it is designed to elicit some forms of tacit knowledge, emotion, and implicit (discursive and visual) narratives. This method is also helpful to provide participants with opportunities to engage in meaningful musical experiences.

Supervisory Team

Professor Tia DeNora

Professor Katharine Tyler

Wider Research Interests

I am also interested in the sociology of music education, community music, performance, and sound studies. In the last three years, I have had the opportunity to join multiple seminars and research groups such as SocArts, Nordoff Robbins London, and the Music Network Group (UoE). 

In this link, you can visit a small project called Sounds: Collective Memory of COVID-19 CDMX+ (Mexico City + Metropolitan Area). Which consists of a collection of 50 testimonials on the experiences of sound, and recordings of soundscapes in Mexico City during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Authored Publications/Reports

Sergio Sorcia Reyes (December 2019) Book Review - Popular Music, Digital Technology and Society, Journal of Cultural Analysis and Social Change, Volume 4 Issue 2