Shahan Choudhury

Department: Education
Discipline: Graduate School of Education
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Research in Writing

Project Summary

As a practitioner-researcher, the main research interest I have developed is regarding learners’ and teachers' conceptualisation of grammar. Do they really understand grammatical concepts? For example, in my Master’s thesis, I investigated how students were using conjunctions (adversative, contrastive, and additive) as meaning-making devices during the reading/writing process, and how much conscious understanding they had of conjunctions. 

In my PhD, I'm looking a bit more deeply into the "what" and "how" of grammar - what is the nature of students' and teachers' understanding? I am investigating how children and teachers understand the grammatical concepts of tense, aspect, modal verbs and passives, and whether this understanding of verbs improves students’ writing? In 2017 at the University of Exeter, I presented an outline of my research at a symposium, Grammar in the Classroom, Not Whether, but How.

Supervisory Team

Professor Debra Myhill (1st supervisor)

Dr Annabel Watson (2nd supervisor)

Wider Research Interests

My other interests include:


·      inclusive education

·      metacognitive awareness

·      teacher education

·      curriculum development