Suchitra Vijay Verma

Department: EdD - Graduate School of Research
Discipline: Education
Research Centre/Unit: Graduate School of Research (EdD TESOL)

Project Summary

I have researched on areas like leadership and development, teacher development needs and student motivation. 

As still a novice researcher, I am still learning about methodologies, analysis and reporting research data. With more exposure to the field of teacher development and by presenting in conferences and workshops, I would gain enough knowledge on the steps to doing research along with building confidence. 


Supervisory Team

My supervisors are Dr. Salah Troudi and Dr. Nasser. I look up to their expertise and want to learn and exhibit my knowledge under their guiding lights. 

They have always guided and supported with the best and positive of their comments. They have replied on time and suggested the best possibilities. Not only that, they critique on my assignments and provide the facts that have helped me to ponder over my work and improvise them. Their feedback has been timely and effective. 

Wider Research Interests

Post my doctoral studies, I would work more in the field of teacher development needs and how teacher professional development can be enhanced and brought to productive use. 

As I read a lot of journals and articles, I understand that teachers need to grow professionally not only through training and workshops but also through real classroom experiences. At the same time, teachers need to be optimistic about their own professional growth and take every opportunity as a learning experience. I intend to explore more on these little needs of the teachers that they crave to be fulfilled or remain unheard somewhere in the power play. 

Reading and being knowledgeable play a key role in a researcher's development and success. I want to be prepared for my future research endeavours.