Sundeep Bains



College: College of Social Sciences and International Studies
Discipline: Strategy and Security Institute
Department: Strategy and Security Institute

My research critically examines the UK’s use of military force to neutralise perceived security threats. I am interested in challenging (unhelpful) assumptions which pervade current military responses to supposed security threats.

To this end, I rely on Carl von Clausewitz’s insights in to the nature of war and newer security theories to both critique and instruct UK security policy. In short, the aim here is to use theory to inform security practice and vice versa.

Ultimately, in line with the ethos of the Strategy and Security Institute, this research is motivated  by a desire to contribute to the stream of knowledge that shapes UK security policy.


Research interests:

  • UK security policy
  • Security threats
  • Military strategy
  • Warfare
  • Carl von Clausewitz's theory on war
  • Securitization theory
  • Just war theory


Other interests: I am both humbled and inspired by people who endeavour to protect human, animal, and environmental rights. I support the following organisations:


I am fascinated by the gentle beauty of Orangutans and hope to help out at a conservation in Borneo in the near future.