Svetlana Yefimenko

Svetlana Yefimenko


College: College of Humanities

Having completed a Master's degree, with distinction, in Philosophy and Theory, at the University of Colorado Denver in 2017, I began PhD research in Exeter in October of the same year.  Involving both the Modern Languages and Classics departments, my project is co-supervised by Dr. Muireann Maguire and Dr. Emily Hauser, and is generously funded by the University of Exeter Doctoral College. 

Interdisciplinary in nature and involving literature, classics, philosophy, and history, my research is situated in the emerging field of classical reception in Russian literature.  Focusing on Tolstoy's diachronic reception of Homer, I investigate how the Iliad and War and Peace (re)interpret historical time and tragic knowledge, developing this latter category in terms of Nietzschean aesthetics.  

I'm the founder and co-editor of the modern languages academic journal and serve as a peer reviewer for an interdisciplinary English literature journal.  I am the current Postgraduate Representative for the Modern Languages department.  I'm fluent in Russian and English, and have a rudimentary reading knowledge of Attic Greek.

In what is laughingly called my spare time, I write poems and stories, read books about ancient Carthage, and draw.