Teodora Manea Hauskeller

Department: Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology
Discipline: Sociology and Philosophy
Research Centre/Unit: Medical Sociology

Project Summary

This project is an analysis of medical interpreting. It aims for a better understanding of the experiences, particularities and challenges of medical interpreting. I will start my investigation by looking at the codes of ethics and practice that regulate medical interpreting and I will analyse what interpreters, clinicians and interpreting agency staff think about it. The formal understanding of the role of interpreters will be complemented with experiences of interpreting reflected in clinicians’, interpreters’ and patients’ stories. I would like to implement the results of my study (especially concerning best practice) in the interpreting practices and to recommend possible new guidelines concerning the specific role and responsibilities of medical interpreters.‚Äč

Supervisory Team

Professor Susan Kelly, Professor Rose McCabe

Wider Research Interests

bioethics, hermeneutics, medical migration, medical humanities, post modern philosophy

Authored Publications/Reports

Teodora Manea (February 2015) Medical Bribery and the Ethics of Trust: The Romanian case, Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, 2015 Feb; 40(1), doi: 10.1093/jmp/jhu049, 26-43

Teodora Manea (October 2015) Care for Carers. Care Issues in the Context of Medical Migration, in Ethics of Care: critical international perspectives, Policy Press, Bristol, 2015, 207-219

Teodora Manea (September 2015) Our Posthuman Skin Condition, Handbook of Posthumanism in Film and Television, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, 289-299