Tom Vozar

Thomas Matthew Vozar

Discipline: English
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for Early Modern Studies

Project Summary

My dissertation is concerned with Milton and the concept of the sublime. Though the notion of Milton as a sublime poet is so common as to be almost a cliché, scholarship has never fully explored Milton in relation to the sublime, no doubt because it has been perceived as a largely post-Miltonic concept first formulated in the context of eighteenth-century aesthetic theory. My research, building on recent scholarship on the sublime in classical antiquity and the Renaissance, will provide both a historical exposition of the sublime as a pre-aesthetic concept and an exegesis of the sublime in Milton's poetry.

Supervisory Team

Karen Edwards, Professor of English (Primary)

Matthew Wright, Professor of Greek (Secondary)

Wider Research Interests

early modern literary, cultural, and intellectual history

classical texts and their reception

bibliography, manuscript studies, and textual criticism