Trevor Stone

Trevor Stone. MSc, PGDip, FCILT, FRSA, MCIPS, MCGI

Department: History
Discipline: History
Research Centre/Unit: Centre for the Study of War, State and Society

Project Summary

My PhD project developed after researching the history of RAF logistics with a view to publishing a book.      By the end of the Second World War, the total number of aircraft operated by the RAF had risen from just under 2000 prior to the outbreak of war, to nearly 27,500.  Similarly, the number of its personnel had risen substantially from just over 73,000 to just over 1 million men and women during the same time frame.  Its presence around the globe (whether on established facilities or in the field) was widespread, with units operating from Europe to as far afield as North Africa, the Mediterranean, India and the Far East. The logistical support organization for this force must have faced an enormous challenge, requiring foresight, imagination and sheer hard work to ensure that air power could play its part in achieving victory over the Axis powers.  A study of the literature, however, shows that very little reference is made to or acknowledgement given to the role of RAF logistics in the employment of air power during this period.    The aim of the research project is to examine how and why the RAF logistics organization developed from the pre-war expansion programme through to the end of the war in 1945. It specifically looks at what capabilities were developed and how these were employed to support the delivery of RAF air power.

Supervisory Team

Professor Richard Overy

Dr Laura Rowe

Wider Research Interests

Military logistics