Veronique Wavre

Department: Politics

Project Summary

PhD Topic: "Mechanisms of Policy Diffusion in the telecommunications sector. A comparative study of Morocco, Jordan and Egypt"

Objective: Assessing the shape of regulatory developments in Middle East and North African (MENA) States in the Telecommunications sector through the theoretical lens of policy diffusion.

Completion: March 2016 without correction

Supervisory Team

First supervisor: Professor Alison Harcourt

Second supervisor: Professor Oliver James

Wider Research Interests

Current research: Telecommunications Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa

Project description: The project offers the first comprehensive analysis of telecommunication and media politics in authoritarian developing countries focusing on the influence of foreign investment. It provides a systematic account of the effect of foreign ownership on the use of ICT as tool of repression or development.

Project leader: Professor Tina Freyburg

Funding: University of St-Gallen (GFF Project Funding) and SNIS