Veronique Wavre

4th January 2015 to 25th March 2015

Politics in Europe (University of Exeter, UK)

Module Leader: Professor Alison Harcourt
Aim: Assess how changing patterns of governance (specifically, the rise of the regulatory state, globalisation, and Europeanisation) are affecting traditional models of governance, focusing on the political systems of the UK, France, Germany, Scandinavian countries and Eastern Europe.

6th January 2013 to 28th March 2013

War and Peace in the Middle East (University of Exeter, UK)

Module Leader: Professor Mick Dumper
Aim: Familiarise students with key issues and main developments in the politics of the Arab-Israeli conflict through critical reading and understanding of main literature, issues and concerns of the conflict and introduction to negotiation, through practical exercise of fictional diplomacy