Veronique Wavre

Masters Class on European Regulation

12th March 2014:

Three-day training course (Cullen International, Brussels, Belgium)


16th April 2014:

Political Studies Association (PSA) 2014 conference

Presentation of paper "Indirect Gains in Policy diffusion; Comparing Universal Service Obligation and Spectrum Management provisions in Morocco"

Manchester, 14-16 April 2014

30th January 2014:

Swiss Political Science Association (SPSA) 2014 congress

Presentation of paper to the yearly congress: "Policy diffusion between the EU and Med countries. Discussing adoption costs, economic interdependence and geographical proximity."

Berne, Switzerland, 30-31 January

25th June 2013:

International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) 2013 Conference

Presentation of the paper "Policy diffusion between the EU and the Mediterranean countries in the communication sector"
Dublin City University, 25-29 June

With the support of: the Centre for European Governance (University of Exeter, UK)

Grant for Language Studies

1st June 2007:

HRH Prince Al Waleed Al Saud Award (IAIS, UK)

Grant for a 6-weeks intensive Arabic Course: Damascus University, Syria

Research grant

1st January 2014:

Rapid Response Grant, International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) with the support of Open Society Foundations (OSF)

Rapid Response Grant (research period January - July 2014) is awarded to support the development of research in the area of media and communication policy where new trends are emerging. The awarded project aims at providing insight into the transfer of models, especially in terms of communication legislation, between the EU and Southern Mediterranean countries.

Graduate School Skills Workshops

11th April 2013:

IBM SPSS - Advanced (University of Exeter)

3-parts Seminar on SPSS

  • Introducing basic concepts and issues of statistics and simple non-parametric tests
  • Tests of difference; t-tests, analysis of variance
  • Tests of association; correlation, linear regression and associated techniques

13th March 2013:

Learning & Teaching in Higher Education, LTHE - Stage 1 & 2

Stage 1: Introduction to various principles of teaching and learning. Exploration of knowledge understanding principles and practise through micro-teaching activities.
Stage 2: In depth knowledge, analysis and practice of skills for learning, teaching, student support, assessment and evaluation. Several contemporary themes were included throughout the course such as education for sustainability, cultural inclusivity, technology-enhanced learning, employability and research-led teaching.

12th March 2013:

Research Data Management (University of Exeter)

Opportunity for researchers to learn and discuss how best to store and back up live research data and materials

31st January 2013:

Nvivo Software (University of Exeter)

Introduction to NVivo software, use in analysis of interviews, field notes or any textual sources. Limitations and drawbacks of the software and guiding to coding and analysis.