Wei-Hsien Wan

Wei-Hsien Wan

Department: Theology and Religion
Discipline: Theology and Religion
Research Centre/Unit: Biblical Studies

Project Summary

I'm interested in the dynamics between what we today call "politics" and "religion" in the world of the New Testament, particularly in how the earliest Christians navigated the realities and demands of everyday life in the Roman Empire. Working off the First Epistle of Peter (1 Peter), my research project looks at how the earliest Christian understandings of time and space were shaped by faith in Jesus of Nazareth, and how these reconfigurations interacted with the construals of time and space in (what we may broadly call) the Roman imperial cults.

Supervisory Team

David Horrell (Primary Supervisor) and Louise Lawrence (Secondary Supervisor)

Wider Research Interests

The Roman imperial cults; myth and political ideology; postcolonialism and hybridity; biblical intertextuality and intratextuality; narrative readings of the Bible